Re: Dropping HAL support from gvfs

Thanks for your feedback

2016-09-09 7:48 GMT+02:00 藍挺瑋 <lantw44 gmail com>:
I am a not gvfs package maintainer of any distribution, but I think HAL code is
still being run by most GNOME/Mate/Xfce/... users on FreeBSD because HAL option
is enabled by default in FreeBSD ports. I cannot say it is working without
problems, but there is still some user-visible features depending on HAL.


Instead of fixing HAL, I think the correct way to fix these problems is to
implement a FreeBSD devd backend in gvfs, but I don't know whether there are
people that are going to do it. If we remove HAL support before a better backend
is available, FreeBSD users may think it is a feature removal.

This reminds a bit of the Xorg situation a few years ago. The hotplug
support was originally based on HAL, but then replaced by a udev
backend and later got a devd backend for kfreebsd as well.

Since you are using FreeBSD, could you notify the right FreeBSD people
and make them aware of the situation.

HAL support won't be removed in the upcoming GNOME 3.22 release, i.e. gvfs 1.30
But maybe we could make ./configure output a big warning for 1.30 when
--enable-hal is used, saying that HAL support is deprecated and
scheduled to be removed in 1.32.
This would give the FreeBSD developers another 6 months to get this
into 3.24 or they can decide to stick with gvfs 1.30 until a devd port
is available.


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