Re: gnome-user-share / g-s-d will require systemd --user in 3.22

On Mon, 2016-09-05 at 14:19 +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:

I'm a downstream as well (Debian), which was caught by this change.
Note this particular change was merged after the official beta
and is only in Git atm, but it's targetted for 3.22.
Personally I'm a bit concerned that such a far reaching change was
slipped in *after* the beta release.

It was announced, and I requested comments about this, on May 12th 2016
in the "upcoming "systemd --user" dependency in gnome-settings-daemon"
thread on desktop-devel-list.

Other projects, GUADEC, holidays and sickness got in the way of me
merging this code before, but has it had already been discussed and
elicited few comments.

systemd --user is much more involved. Providing a replacement for
is imho, not easily possible.

The horse has bolted on this one. gnome-settings-daemon's Sharing
plugin required a better way to keep track of the daemons it launched,
and using systemd --user as a baby-sitter process means that we don't
lose track of already launched daemons when gnome-settings-daemon
crashes, and reap them properly even when said g-s-d is abruptly closed
without cleanups.

Note that there are also plans to switch gnome-settings-daemon to be
mini-D-Bus services, which are likely going to be started through
"systemd --user", in the next development cycle.

Given that the Sharing plugin's functionality already required
NetworkManager, that NetworkManager is only available on Linux, and
that systemd is the de-facto init system for Linux OSes, this means we
only dropped support for non-systemd init systems. I'm fine with the
loss of support for non-systemd init systems, if it means more reliable
functionality (which has impacts on privacy and security).


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