GTK+3.x (e.g. Firefox) scrollbar behaviour under KDE + other desktops


Please pass this onwards to the KDE maintainers in your distribution.

I've written a blogpost to explain the changes made to gtk+3.x master as
well as xsettings-kde to align the GTK+3.x scrollbar behaviour under KDE
with Qt/GTK+2.x.

For this ~two (upstreamed + easily backportable) patches are needed:
plus the ";" brown paper bag fix:

Further, please ensure xsettings-kde is used!

Feedback from 2 Mageia users:
| <R> is the firefox misbehaviour under gtk3 on cauldron fixed now?
| <M> yes, the scrollbar works fine, now

I wrote about these patches as well as pointers how desktop environments
can change gtk+ behaviour in the following blogpost:

Though always keep in mind I'm no expert.


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