Empathy must be compiled without support for GNOME Online Accounts in GNOME 3.16

Hi distributors,

Since the original WebKit1 API was deleted from upstream WebKitGTK+ last
year, gnome-online-accounts 3.15.91 has been ported to use the WebKit2
API (pkg-config: webkit2gtk-4.0). Because applications may not link to
multiple versions of WebKit, this is problematic for apps that link to
both gnome-online-accounts and older versions of WebKitGTK+ (pkg-config:
webkitgtk-3.0), including Empathy.

Porting to the new WebKit API is not straightforward and Empathy appears
to be unmaintained. Therefore we recommend compiling Empathy without
support for gnome-online-accounts using --with-goa=no.

Note also that Empathy has previously been removed from the list of
default favorite apps in the dash. Distributors should consider for
themselves whether to install Empathy by default given this situation.


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