appdata-tools is dead

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Copy/paste from

| PSA: If you’re using appdata-validate, please switch to appstream-util
| validate from the appstream-glib project. If you’re also using the M4
| macro, just replace APPDATA_XML with APPSTREAM_XML. I’ll ship both the
| old binary and the old m4 file in appstream-glib for a little bit, but
| I’ll probably remove them again the next time we bump ABI. That is all.
| :)

For distributors, the impact should be minimal.
1. Ensure apptream-util is packaged
2. In case appdata-validate is used somewhere within your (distributor
not tarball/upstream) buildsystem, change that to 'appstream-util
3. It seems a binary might move from one package to another

Note: appdata is Purely relaying because maybe it could
impact how people package GNOME as GNOME has a lot of appdata files.


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