Telepathy versions recommended for GNOME 3.12

Here are the versions we recommend for distributions shipping GNOME 3.12:

one newer branch than 3.10:

* telepathy-glib 0.24.x
  (0.24.0 coming soon - use the release candidate, 0.23.3, for now,
  preferably with commit 164cf3334 cherry-picked)

and the same branches as 3.10 for the rest:

* telepathy-gabble 0.18.x (I released 0.18.2 today)
* telepathy-mission-control 5.16.x
* telepathy-salut 0.8.x
* telepathy-rakia  0.8.x
* telepathy-idle 0.2.x
* telepathy-haze 0.8.x
* telepathy-logger 0.8.x
* telepathy-farstream 0.6.x

We hope to have Telepathy 1.0 (the 'next' branches) API-stable in time
for it to replace 0.x in GNOME 3.14, but please do not switch to that
branch yet.


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