Re: gdm pam changes

Hi again,

I got this message a little wrong...

On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 5:21 PM, Ray Strode <halfline gmail com> wrote:

> GDM no longer hardcodes consolekit registration logic in it anymore.
> For distributions that use consolekit, it now depends on
> pam_ck_connector for that registration in just the same way
> distributions that use pam_systemd do for systemd integration.

The hardcoded code is still there, but only enabled with building
--with-console-kit.  In Fedora, we drop the BuildRequires for ConsoleKit, and
instead us pam_ck_connector for non-gnome desktops.  So distros can
continue doing what they were doing before, or use pam_ck_connector.


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