gnome-boxes/distro integration


One of gnome-boxes[1] aims is to provide easy creation of virtual machines.
This includes auto-installation of guest OSes. Currently, we support
auto-installation of Fedora and Windows systems, but we'd like
auto-installation of as many OSes as possible.

Here is a rough overview of how this is handled:
* the user specifies the path to an ISO image
* we use libosinfo[2] to determine if the ISO is an installer, and the OS
  it's an installer for. libosinfo comes with a tools/osinfo-detect util
  to test what is known about an iso. The OS data for libosinfo is stored
  in xml files[3]
* then gnome-boxes uses a FedoraInstaller class to setup a fedora
  auto-installation. On fedora, auto-install is achieved through a
  kickstart file[4][5]

Patches to help support more distributions are really welcome :) If you
need more help, feel free to ask on boxes mailing list (cc'ed) or on our
IRC channel (#boxes on

Have a nice day!



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