Re: [gdm-list] Impact of ConsoleKit deprecation

On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 8:36 PM, Brian Cameron <brian cameron oracle com> wrote:
> Olav:
> This is regarding the announcement of ConsoleKit deprecation on the
> distributor-list[1].  Looking at the discussion about this announcement
> on the release-team mailing list[2], it seems that Lennart and others
> said there is value in having systemd and ConsoleKit co-exist.  For
> example, Lennart said in the release-team thread, "I figure that means
> that we probably have to keep code for CK compat in GNOME, if CK
> matters."
> How was the decision made that CK does not matter and needs to be
> deprecated?  It seems odd to deprecate an interface that your announcement
> says only 1 distro (Fedora) has concrete plans to move
> away from.  The announcement says Mageia and openSuse will "likely"
> follow, but this hardly sounds definite.

Brian, there was no vote taken on this - all Olav is trying to do here
is send a clear message about what is already happening:
ConsoleKit is not actively developed; it was very much a 'first
attempt' at solving session tracking that never reached its full
Active development towards the things we hoped for from ConsoleKit has
instead moved to other components, concretely to systemd.
One reason for this shift is that ConsoleKit has shown that doing
session tracking 'from the side' is awkward.


> While I may not have been the most active GDM maintainer lately, nobody
> bothered to ask me or even inform me that I participated in making a
> decision to deprecate GDM's use of ConsoleKit.  Until I got your
> announcement, anyway.

The discussion of the gdm systemd patches is happening in bugzilla:

Note that all the systemd patches I have written have kept ConsoleKit
support in place, and added --enable-systemd configure options.
So, I don't think there is much to complain about really.


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