Gtk+ 3.3.7+ bugfix will BREAK Xorg (before 1.12) unless patch is applied

Company found a bug in the XI2 handling of GTK+. The gtk+ bugfix exposes
a very visible bug in Xorg. The Xorg bug will be in Xorg 1.12.

If you're responsible for a distribution, please either run 1.12, or
ensure the fixes from freedesktop bug 44079 are applied to your Xorg

 - (not loading atm)

In short:
 - in case gtk+ 3.3.x
 - ensure you have patch from
 - otherwise bad things happen ("important focus events do not fire")

In care you prefer IRC type announcements:
<Company>	seb128!
<Company>	seb128: is the next ubuntu gona have X server 1.12?
<seb128>	 Company, no
<seb128>	 1.11 
<Company>	seb128: because we want to push a bugfix for GTK 3.4
that exposes a pretty visible bug in XI2 that they recently fixed
<Company>	seb128: lemme link you up with the relevant bugs
<Company>	seb128: and
<Company>	seb128: we have't applied the GTK fix yet, we wanted to
wait until GTK devs have a proper X to run on first :)
<seb128>	 Company, thanks, I will make sure we get that
fix in our xserver
<Company>	great
<Company>	i should probably poke the relevant people for suse and


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