Distro patch to rotate pressure-sensitive tablets when RANDR changes


In the old resapplet, openSUSE had a patch to rotate a graphics tablet
(Wacom, etc.) when you rotate your monitor.  This was very useful for
tablet PCs like the Lenovo T61.

I just resurrected that patch for the new gnome-settings-daemon and

Talking to Søren and #xorg-devel about this, we decided that it's best
to leave this semi-hack as a patch in distros, and instead do the right
thing in X itself (have the input drivers detect RANDR events and rotate
themselves if needed).  But while that infrastructure becomes available,
it's still useful to rotate tablets automatically.

The patches are thus:

gnome-settings-daemon - Add a
boolean /apps/gnome-settings-daemon/xrandr/rotate_tablet_with_monitor
key in GConf.  If true, the tablet is rotated with xsetwacom when you
rotate your monitor.  If false, the tablet is not rotated.

gnome-control-center - Add a checkbox to the gnome-display-properties
dialog for the option above.  We don't detect if your tablet is built-in
or not, so we need this option for now.

The Git repositories are here:

Look for the "rotate-wacom-tablet" branches in those repositories.


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