major fixes to backport.


thanks for the feedback on my last message.

2007-01-03, gtk:
(fixed in version 2.10.7)
68 dups, and no idea if the patch has really fixed this, because
bugzilla still gets too many dups.

2007-03-05, evolution-data-server/libical:
(fixed in version 2.9.92, no stable release including the fix)
this one fixes many timezone issues. you most likely want to ship this
in order to avoid customers missing their meetings...?

2007-03-09, totem (/epiphany):
(no stable/unstable release yet including the fix. will be in 2.18.0)
119 dups (in related bug 353503).

2007-03-10, gtk:
(no stable release yet including the fix. will be in 2.10.10)
66 dups.

as already written, i ask backport-policy vendors/distros to add a short
comment to the report if/when a patch has been
backported (HIGHLY appreciated).
this makes it really easier to track whether a patch has fixed an issue
or not, and also to slap users for not installing updates. ;-)

andre (now off to play some table-soccer)

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