Re: Stable .3 releases

Le mercredi 24 janvier 2007, à 14:57, Sebastien Bacher a écrit :
> For Ubuntu we don't push new versions to -updates, we usually ship
> with .1 and backport patches after that. We did upload the new GNOME
> stable version for dapper-updates, new versions sometime bring new bugs
> though and we prefer pick fixes to the stable package now. 

This might be an issue in how we handle those releases, then. There
might be too many fixes going in, while it might be better to only fix
some critical issues (crashers or highly visible bugs). If we clearly
say that only critical fixes are interesting, it might make life easier
for everybody: less work on the upstream side, more "trust" from

It's also a bit sad that OS not packaging the latest stable releases are
missing a lot of translation work this way.

Of course there's also the cost of packaging 50 new tarballs, which
doesn't help you since it's taking quite some time.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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