major fixes to backport.

sending a list of "really major(TM)" issues that have been fixed in
stable (2.16.x) in the last months.
i plan to do this more often in the future (more or less combined with
some showstopper review activities).

currently it's very problematic to find out if upstream patches have
really fixed an issue, because GNOME will still be flooded by downstream
bug reports for that particular problem. we need better information flow
between upstream and downstream.

okay, distros that have a backport policy most likely want to make sure
that they provide updated packages including these fixes:
2006-10-30, nautilus: 1704 rejected traces on 2007-01-23, 
2716 rejected traces on 2007-02-24. so this is still a HUGE problem.
2006-11-01, nautilus: 754 rejected traces on 2007-01-23,
1164 rejected traces on 2007-02-24.
2006-11-02, nautilus: 474 rejected traces on 2007-01-23,
694 rejected traces on 2007-02-24.
2006-12-13, at-spi: 424 dups
2007-01-06, control-center: 189 dups #c53 #c54
2007-01-11, nautilus: 236 dups
2007-01-17, epiphany [sic!]: 113 dups
2007-01-22, gnome-terminal: 251 dups
2007-01-24, gst-plugins-ugly: 349 dups
2007-02-11, gnome-system-tools: 359 dups
2007-02-24, gedit: 164 dups

i kindly ask backport-policy vendors/distros to add a short comment to
the report if/when a patch has been backported
(HIGHLY appreciated), so it becomes easier to track whether a patch has
fixed an issue or not. would be also great if this could be done for
this email here, but i know that my list is looong...
we cannot always "wait for the next major release", this is way too much
workload for the bugsquad, and you also will not get content users by
just sitting out the instability problems...

so, is this approach welcome, or do i waste my time by duplicating
efforts (means: do any backport-policy vendors already have some kind of
tracker systems to identify and backport serious patches)?

comments, improvements?

three cheers from the golden city,

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