Re: dead?

Problem is "eye candy". If a project is stable and good then it's
dead. Quite the contrary, I think A LOT of people use DIA from their
Linux distros and don't even know about this list 'cause it just

So sad that we have this mentality that if it's not shiny and new then
is shit or "is dead". Consumerism and Edward Louis James Bernays at
he's best.

On Wed, Nov 8, 2017 at 5:07 PM, Rob Wortham <r h wortham gmail com> wrote:
There have certainly been emails since 2013. I use Dia and develop Python scripts for it too.


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On 8 Nov 2017, at 16:44, Ulli Horlacher <framstag rus uni-stuttgart de> wrote:

Is dia (and this mailing list) dead?
I have subscribed in july and have not seen any mails so far.
The newest entry on
is from 2013!

I read:

"Rotation support in the upcoming Dia version 0.98"

When will 0.98 be released? After GNU Hurd? :-}

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