Java API for editind .dia xml-files (not compressed format)

Hello there!

I want to present to you my new project - DiaXml API  - 

This is Java API for editing DIA xml-files (not compressed .dia format). (GNU LGPL v.2 license)

You can create, read, edit and save .dia files from java code with object api (you do not need to know detailes of xml-format - .dia file is parsed to "pojo" with "Simple Xml Framework" ( )  ). There are 2 samples inside - see "./src/jse_diaxmlapi_examples" subfolder,

This is "general API": 
although, there are only 5 shapes that are recognized to special pojo clases ("Uml - Class", "Uml - Association", "Standard - Box", "Standard - Text", "Standard - ZigZagLine", "Standard - BezierLine")  -  there is also general class with a general-list of all attributes of any shape. 

It means, that any diagram with any kind of shapes could be readed/edited/saved (but to create a shape in this way - you need to know a correct set of attributes for shape you want to use). In a theory, it will work))) Actually, some times, some crushes could still happend. I will work on it )))

And I am sorry, but not all java-docs are translated to English yet ( Russian is used by default ). 

I will be happy to hear your questions, comments, wishes, feature requests, etc... 

Yours faithfully, Denis Iz. )

ps: ...sorry for my bad english.

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