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2017-12-09 23:38 GMT+03:00 Денис И. <tachikoma unit gmail com>:

>>to="O29" connection="15"
"to" is a code shape , this link connects to
"connection" is used to discribe connection point this link is connects to
there are 2 dia:connections tags for Association element or other like it.

Now about connction-attribute code. I know about UmlClass shape, but shure oll other shapes use the same style :
  1. /**
  1. *
  1. numeration of connetion points:
  1. 0---1---2
  1. 3 head 4
  1. +-------+
  1. ( 8)attr (9)
  1. +-------+
  1. (10)attr (11)
  1. +-------+
  1. ... ...
  1. +-------+
  1. (n-1) (n)
  1. 5---6---7
  1. And (n+1) is used for connecting link "to object", not to connection point
  1. */

2017-11-06 13:52 GMT+03:00 BURY Stéphane <Stephane Bury one be>:



Today I begin to write code to convert a Dia schema based uppon Database and References to SQL.

For the moment it work perfectly with tables and attributes of tables (fields names and types) when parsing all Database – Table objects.


Now I would like to get all the foreign keys, so I try to parse all [Database – Reference] object nodes ( <dia:object type="Database - Reference" …)

And I’m a little bit confused with  the [dia:connection].

I can find the tables witch are linked but not the field.


By example, for a reference i get this connections information :


        <dia:connection handle="0" to="O29" connection="15"/>

        <dia:connection handle="1" to="O37" connection="13"/>



So I know the foreign key start from table with id O29 and point to table with id O37 but what is the meaning of « connection »  (15 and 13 in this case) ?


I would like to know

from which table field to which table field

For the moment I only have

from which table to which table


and of course it’s not enough to generate SQL code.


Can you give me the method to translate the [connection="15"] and the [connection="13"] to the corresponding field of a table object ?

What I’ve missed ?


Thank you for your answer,



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