Re: I have a question


Andrey is being concise. More can be said.  If you are familiar with open source development, you know that it is all volunteer work. Less obvious is the fact that-  if the people who wrote Dia had an inclination to use visio files then they would written the code for it.  What has to happen with all of open source development is that someone must want the feature or function bad enough to develop it. Dia is what it is because the features that comprise it were compelling enough to the developers - as it apparently was for the code student you mentioned with libre office impress.

It is possible, but maybe not necessarily likely, you could make a sufficiently moving case that people who don't care about visio files would write code to handle them.  I think the development of Dia simply sidestepped that by making a program that allowed the users to develop their own shapes and palettes. Why should the Dia developers do as you suggest?  This is the case that you need to make.

Back to Andrey's point, you can develop the code if it interests you. You could offer it for release to Dia or not.


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