Re: custom shapes fail to parse

Am 26.09.2014 um 22:20 schrieb Amit Kucheria:

I saved the UML class shape with a custome name "rtapp-thread" in order to
try and customise the shape by adding it to my own sheet. But dia fails to
parse back the shape in question.

Which version? I've tried current master and Dia 0.97.3 branch saving an UML class object to shape and don't get that problem.

-------- Begin Error messages ----------

/usr/share/dia/shapes/rtapp/rtapp-thread.shape:35: namespace error : Failed
to parse QName 'fill:'
     <svg:text fill: #ffffff="fill: #000000; text-anchor:middle;
font-family: san
It should look similar to the following:

<svg:text style="fill: #000000; fill-opacity: 1; stroke: none; text-anchor:startfont-family: monospace; font-style: italic; font-weight: 700" x="1.15" y="4.86" font-size="0.8" textLength="4.25">+op1(): O1*</svg:text>

I can't recall any Dia version producing such broken XML. Maybe you edited the shape file and accidentially broke it? If not please provide the version used and your example file.


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