Hi folks, my name is John Sheehan and I am a software developer. Tim (cc’ed here) and I are looking at Dia as a sketch tool to recommend to our customers.

Our product is Mathcad and our clients (engineers of every discipline)  live on free body diagrams. We’re not going to build a sketcher, and then there is Dia, perfect we tell our customers to use Dia and all are happy. Except one wrinkle,  getting images from Dia to Mathcad means exporting as PNG and then loading from disk, repeat process on every change.


My idea is I would like to add clip board interoperability to Dia. Then Dia users could Cntrl-C from Dia and Cntrl-V everywhere else, Like MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint or Mathcad.

I am getting confused trying to find the source code. Websites say the source code is publicly available but I have not found it.


So two quick questions : 1.) Is there any reason why clip board interoperability wouldn’t work?

                                             2.) Is the source code publicly available?


I hope we can do something together, Dia looks amazing.





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