Re: Help: How can you programmatically delete a line and update a table connected to it?

This problem doesn't seem to get any attention:( 
It's real and I can't figure out what cause it could be, could someone please help take a look at it? Thanks.

On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 4:23 AM, Bao Niu <niubao56 gmail com> wrote:
Problem: I have a "Database -- Table" on screen, and then added a "Standard - BezierLine" connecting to one of the table's connection point. Now I want to delete that line and make the table's connection point pt.connected fresh.
I use python's API to disconnect this two objects programmatically. When using layer.remove(BezierLine), and then update_connections(table), the connection is still there. If you type connection_pt.connected, you can see that "Standard - BezierLine" object is still in the returned tuple. This is very weird.

The only way I can disconnect the two seems to be manually delete the BezierLine from the screen. There is no way to do this programmatically.

Could anybody give some advice? Many thanks.

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