Re: Dia Error

Dia shape is sometimes rendered as plain xml files, so if you can open them in firefox browser it's ok, if not then maybe the downloaded files are broken?

On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 8:10 AM, Steffen Macke <dia diagramr biz> wrote:
Hi Andy,

On 22.08.2013 15:49, Andy Parker wrote:
Can you please help on an issue a user is experiencing with DiaShapes - we receive the error "Unable to Download Sheet Information" when we try and run the application

Which version of Diashapes do you use?

Is the app able to access the internet? Antivirus software or internet access
via proxy servers might cause problems. Try to use a connection that does
not require a proxy (if possible).

The "Sheet Information" is located under - you may want to
check if this location is accessible via your browser.

As internet connection and server are involved, this might have been a temporary glitch
and you might want to check again.


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