Hello Christian,

On 19.09.2012 11:52, Christian Bruns wrote:
So I copied the folder ".dia" from documents and settings to the new computer. Now I can see the new sheet, 
but the problem is, that if I want to add an object to my file I have no picture, because they have a path to a not 
existing folder.

So my question is, where the paths to the pictures of new objects are saved, so that I can edit them?
You'll have to edit all the *.shape files in your .dia folder that have problems.
You can use a text editor to edit the files.
It's a good idea to backup your complete .dia folder before editing.
Do you know the difference between a "relative path" and an "absolute path". I guess that your problems are because the files currently use an absolute path. Moving your images next to your *.shape files and using relative paths should resolve the problem.
In short: Remove the complete path and just leave the file name.
You'll have to restart Dia once you have finished your edits.

Good luck and please let us know if things worked out.



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