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Hi, are the FOREIGN KEY constraints supported?

Yes, but dia2code is a separate closely related project.

Primary key: properties that are class scope. Just set it to class
scope and it will generate a foreign key. It supports multiple-col PK.

FK: Make an association from the owner of the data to the class that
uses the FK. In that direction only. Example:

Person --> Role (Role class references Person class and FK
is named person_id).

1) Select the UML association tool. Click on center of Person (the
owner of the referenced key) and drag it to the center of the Role
class. Name the association person_id. The surrogate key model is
assumed so the Person table has a serial id and the Role table has

2) The id on Person should be  class scope

3) Run dia2code -t sql -sqlx fkidx mydiagram.dia

This will generate the DEFINITION.SQL DDL for all tables. Then you
should see the alter for the primary key and and alter for the FK
something like:

    CONSTRAINT  FK_role_person  FOREIGN KEY(person_id) REFERENCES person (id);

Associations are processed last as ALTERS to avoid dependencies on
tables. So the basic DDL is done first and associations are done last.

The -sqlx fkidx will also create the indexes for the FKs.

You will need late dia2code 0.8.4 or 0.8.5


Alejandro Imass

thanks and regards

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