Re: dia...latest version (version #....???????!) for ubuntu.

On 08/30/2012 09:51 PM, William N. Murray wrote:
Hello Dia,
Hello William,
I've been using dia for a long time, mostly under Redhat. i just recently downloaded the (probably newest) version
for Ubuntu and i had some comments.

It LOOKS nice....but I find it much harder to use than previous versions. International symbols and icons are all well and good,
but only the two rightmost of the topmost icons NAME THEMSELVES on mouseover: "toggles object snapping", "toggles snap to grid". I still have no idea what the icon between "print" and "cut" is supposed to do. It actually took me quite awhile to recognize that the icon to the right of cut is "paste". Fortunately, I remembered that "ctrl-v" was paste....Unfortunately, I had to remember it.
Well, this is an open source project, and of course has some weak spots. However, you can help. If you think it is very important that the tooltips are complete, fix it then, I am sure that people are willing to help you with the meaning of the buttons.
It's not obvious how to get to "help" (or "version number"!)
Version number can be found through the "about" item in the "help" menu, as usual, or from the command line with the "-v" option, as usual for Unix programs. Also through the help menu, an extensive manual is available.
and it's certainly not obvious how to look up the fact that "ctrl-v"="paste" or that "ctrl-z"="undo". I seem to remember lots of keyboard shortcuts exist but I see no way to look them up.
In the menu's, the shortcuts are denoted behind the menu-items. Again, this is how it always is in software.
That is not good. Some of us prefer written language.Ich spreche vier longxvojn pli-malpli bone kaj he estudiado algunos de otros.
I consider the previous sentence in German/Esperanto/Spanish, to be much more comprehensible than the new "all-intuitive"
control interface for dia.
Well, I do not have a clue what that sentence means. And to wrap up: except for the missing tooltips, everything that you claim to be unclear to find, is found it the places where it is found in software for decades.

Kind regards,
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