Re: diaw.exe 0.97.2 -> size prediction of .png export not 100% on the spot

On Tue, 29 May 2012 05:19:41 -0700, Edzo A. Botjes <e a botjes gmail com> wrote:

... it gives the warning that the target file is going to be "29.3MB"

It means RAM, not disk.

Giving a warning is good :), but when I look at the file size then it is a bit smaller. 445 KB

Oh, yes, but when you open it back in your image visualization software
it *will* use the 29 MB of RAM while open.

Another case that may be affected by this is when you import the file
into a word processor; even if you reduce the size, it will still take
the 29 MB in RAM when the document is open. Imagine what happens if
you stick 10 diagrams like this in your document.


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