Re: Dia layout drawing

Basically yes, but if you need a lot of precision you should evaluate
a more CAD-style solution, though Dia is pretty decent once you lear
to use it.

Open File->Page Setup

And the first thing is to decide the paper size and for your
application you probably want to select the horizontal layout as well.

Then look at the scale factor which is the scale relationship between
objects and the paper size. The smaller the scale the more objects fit
on a screen, that is, when using the object templates[1], but in your
case you need to figure out the grid scale versus the paper scale just
like using a scale rule.

[1] Some template objects seem to have a fixed relative size and grow
automagically (e.g. the UML template) while others allow for you to
scale them, so keep that in mind.

Assuming you are using USLetter horizontal, then your page will be
21.6cm 27.9cm and the default margins will be 2.54cm on each side,
which is 5.08 that is not visible on the grid. This means that the
actual grid, starting at 0,0 should go from 0 to 22.82 on the
horizontal and 0 to 16.52 on the vertical. This is for the first sheet
and the rest is a continuum so you can actually print and then tape
the sheets at the margins. Most printers will require 1" margin anyway
so the default 2.54 margin is safe.

Finally you can tweak the grid properties in File->Diagram Properties
but the dynamic grid will work well for most applications.


Alejandro Imass

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 2:20 PM, Mike Cola <mjcola hotmail com> wrote:
I have been testing the Dia app for layout drawings such as floor plans and
was wondering if its possible to set and display dimensions of lines as well
as set a specified scale for the entire drawing?




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