New shapes - Cisco ASR 9000

Hi all,

inspired by previous discussion here, I have converted Visio stencils
for Cisco ASR 9000 to Dia shapes.  You can find the interim result at Screenshot is in 
Racks-Cisco_Routers_ASR_9000.png .

As you can easily find out, the shapes are in reality embedded PNG
images. This is not optimal, but I was unable to automatically convert
EMF+ files to SVG. On the other hand, the shapes are not limited by
Dia's lack of gradients, for example.

I call the result "interim" because:
 - I haven't decided whether I should create connection points for
sockets, ports etc - what's your opinion on the matter? So far the only
card with connection points in ports is a9k-rsp440-se
 - I haven't created the horizontally rotated variants yet except of
 - the icons are too big and unrecognizable

As usual, your comments are welcome


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