default fonts for objects

I have installed diaw.exe 0.97.2 on Windows7 about a month ago.

My problem is: the default font for the objects is something abnormal,
the name of the font consists of rectangles indicating characters not
recognized on my system.  When I try to enter text, all I get are place-
holders for character, nothing that can be read.

I can double-click an object to change the default font to Arial
or a font that is legible.

I am wondering if there is a way to apply the default font for all the
objects so I do not have to undertake the repetitive task of changing
each object's default font.

Perhaps my problem can be finessed by installing some font Dia is
expecting to find to use as the default font?

Should I try re-installing Dia -- I cannot remember if the problem was
something that occurred after the install or not... I think the default
font problem was something that manifested itself after installation.

Thank you.

John Poole

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