Re: Named connection points

At 17.02.2012 19:24, Ron Wilson wrote:
The check-in comment removing named CPs claimed lack of use in
the core objects and some memory savings as the rationale for deleting
them. My use case, though, involves custom objects rather than core
objects, and I'm not sure that the memory savings is that big a deal
(although you folks would know better).

Yes. The commit not only "claimed" lack of use for core objects. The commit was removing the completely unused facility from all of Dia, not only "core objects" but also custom shapes. So it proved it, once more for reference:

I assume you have confirmed that connection points are not
consistently numbered.
Wrong assumption.

I was, apparrantly erroniously, under the
impression that the numbering was based on the shape definition so
that, for example, your "minuend" CP would always be 1, subtrahend = 2
and difference = 3, no matter which way the shape was flipped or

Except that indexing starts with zero your assumption is right.

I would be in favor of bringing back symbolically labels CPs, or at
least insuring they are numbered in the diagram in the same order they
are defined in the shape definition.
They are and have to be.


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