Re: Cloud section in Dia menu

Hi Steffen,
On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 2:02 AM, Steffen Macke <dia diagramr biz> wrote:
Hi Atul,

On 02/08/2012 11:18 AM, atul jha wrote:
I wanted to know if we can have a section covering Cloud related icons?
I would love to help if needed.

Earlier when i was not aware about Dia, i was using  and open/libreoffice for most of my work 

what are the icons you're looking for? Do they exist already and you just want to group them in
a special sheet? Or do you have to create new shapes?

If you would like to create shapes, you could start from

We're looking forward to your shapes!

The above mentioned portal keeps clipart under public domain without any licence restrictions. I will need atleast a week time to come up with entire section. :)

If it is okey, i will take week time and come up with the collected set, or should i follow the guide for creating shapes you mentioned?
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