problems generating code from dia 0.96 to 0.97


I wrote a plugin based on that takes an UML diagram and
generates code. The diagram consists only of classes and aggregations.

What I'm trying to do is extracting some informations from the
aggregations that connect couples of classes. The code is

class ObjRenderer :

        def __init__ (self) :

        def begin_render (self, data, filename) :
                edges = {}
                for layer in data.layers :
                        for o in layer.objects :
                                for c in o.connections:
                                        for n in c.connected:
                                                if not in
("UML - Association"):


It works perfectly on dia 0.96 . But when I try to run it in dia 0.97
c.connected is always empty.

I know there were changes in 0.97, how am I supposed to do scan all the

I also have another question: suppose I want to make my python plugin
work both with dia 0.96 and 0.97. Is there a way to get the version of
dia in the plugin?

Thank you


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