Re: Suggestion

Hi Michael,

On 02/06/2012 09:21 PM, Michael Palacios Martel wrote:
Hi all, i have a little suggestion... can you make that some components
like process group can display or contain another diagram? i saw this in
Bizagi and i think this should be nice for all your users.

I could think of various mechanism that allow to display/contain other diagrams.

Are your referring to hyperlinks (linking to another diagram)? See

Or would you simply like to include another diagram without drawing it again?
In that case you could

* copy and paste your diagram contents to your destination diagram
* Export your diagram in a format like SVG or PNG and include it as an image object * Export your diagram in Shape format, create a sheet from it and drag'n'drop your own shapes to your diagrams just like the other shapes and objects. See

If none of these options fits your needs, could you try to explain your problem a little bit more?



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