Dia to SQL conversion


i want to start with SQLite3 database modeling by dia. I am not UML, SQL
nor SQLite expert.

I found nice article for this
(http://left.subtree.org/2007/12/05/database-design-with-dia/), which
points me to Parse-Dia-SQL at CPAN and then i found that it has a official
debian's package and install it. After this i download sources of the
Parse-Dia-SQL, to get the dia examles and learn how things are working.

I was success to create SQL from my simple attempts, simple tables,
custom types (typemaps), default values, etc. But i am not
able find way to create FOREIGN KEY constraint for my relations. My
expectation is, that this will be created from UML associations (which i
take from rt53783.dia example.

I am not able to find other documentations or examples for this.

Please, are the FOREIGN KEY (and others) constraints supported? Only
PRIMARY KEY constrain works for me. And if yes, then can someone point me
to some docs, howtos, examples, or provide help to me?

thanks and regards

s pozdravom


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