Re: Two problems with grouped objects

At 27.05.2011 17:34, Blick Winkel wrote:

Thank you for developing Dia, it's a nice piece of soft, unfortunatelly
I found two major problems while using it (0.79.1 for windows). Both are
connected with group function usage:

1. Text searching doesn't work when text is grouped with other objects.
This defies usage of groups for me, at least because I need to be able
find my objects (described by the text field in it). On the other hand,
using groups is absolutely neccesary when I need to move my objects (and
I need to do it quite often)

If your linked example is not too constructed it should be possible without groups. Instead of using a "Standard - Ellipse" and to group with "Standard - Text" you could use a "Flowchart - Ellipse" combining both elements in one object.

2. When I select more than one grouped objects, properties of the lines
connections between them become distorted/are reseted.
Looks like the same issue as described in
But the connection is not broken by selecting but already by grouping the objects AFAIK.
Because one
picture is worth more than 1000 words (especially in my mediocre
english), then please check these pictures below:

a) Two objects, A and B. Both grouped.
b) c) We're joining them by simple line.
d) Connection works correctly - i.e. we can change objects' position and
line adapts accordingly.
e) Now we select both objects (line included) and move them all
somewhere else.
f) After replacement, when we try to move any of the objects line no
longer connects A and B.
Expected from the analysis in bug #534271

g) Alternatively, sometimes line connects them but incorrectly

Probably you are fooled by Dia's auto-connect feature. If object handle and conection point are close enough they reattach (again).

This is big problem to me. As I said before, I have to move my grouped
objects quite often, and sometimes many of them together. Unfortunately
after their movement, I have to redo all the line connections!
If there is no object type to overcome the necessity of grouping as outlined above there might be another way. Just consider to group more. Connections within groups are maintained flawlessly.

Well, at
least lines are there, but still re-connecting them manually again is,
duh, painful and time wasting.

Thank you for your time, I hope this helps solving the problem in
(prefereably nearest) future :)

Probably not because it hits some design limitation in Dia, see:

In the current development version all the unfinished "new group" stuff is ripped out and the behaviour of grouped objects not being direct part of the diagram is used for some initial transformation support. With that maintaining connections to the outside of the group become much more complicated, so that all these connections are broken when a matrix transformation is active.

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