RE: Python option not avaliable for windows 7 installation

Thanks for the quick response!  After looking at that page for about the 100th time, I noticed that it says 
that Python 2.3 needs to be installed in ***PARALLEL***.  I missed that completely!  Hopefully this thread 
may help someone else that's a blind as I am!

Thanks again!
Bryan Lott
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Hi Bryan,

On 12/20/2011 10:27 PM, Bryan Lott wrote:
Windows 7 Pro system.
I have installed Python 2.7.2.
When I go to install dia 0.97.1, the option to install the python plugin is disabled/greyed out.
That's expected. You'll have to use Python 2.3 with Dia on Windows. Note that you can install Python 2.3 and 
2.7 in parallel on your machine.

has detailed instructions how to set up Dia and Python on Windows.


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