Re: Wanting to contribute

Greetings, Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset!

I'm sending a Shape I made with some problems: there are WAY to many anchor
points (some of them are removable since i used them to create the shape,
but others -in the middle of a line or in the arrows- are there by default)
AND I'm having a problem of scability in the inner lines.

Well, the most obvious issue is that you are exporting shape from Dia.
It have very poor export code, doubling nearly every line. (Those not doubled
are tripled or more.)
Fire up your preferred text editor, load your shape and cut off lines that are
not relevant to it.

Andrey Repin (anrdaemon freemail ru) 20.12.2011, <22:50>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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