Re: Ability to change size of relation in ER-mode?

Thanks for the reply.

I'd prefer the behaviour like it is already implemented at conditions in "flow diagram". There you can grab the edge(s) and resize the object. It would be a really nice feature if it would be possible to resize all objects of ER this way.

Currently there are edges visible, you can't grab them to resize the object.

Am 08.11.2011 22:22, schrieb Hans Breuer:
At 02.11.2011 18:54, Reinhard Handler wrote:
I'd like to know if there is the ability to change the size of the
relation-object in ER-mode?

Changing the size of ER objects would require changes in the source code.
I've done something similar with the Flowchart object recently:

Currently the size is defined by the containing text. It would be nice
if I could change the size manually like it is possible with other objects.
Being more specific would certainly help to understand your wishes. Different objects in Dia implement different resizing behaviour.

But even the best defined feature request also need someone actually being interested implementing the desired changes.

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