Re: Edge aware center point for custom shapes...

Greetings, Dan Katz!

so I'm exploring creating custom shapes, and I have a question about how to
create center connection points that act the same as for the built-in
shapes like rectangle, ellipse, etc.

    <point x="0" y="0" main="yes"/>

center of a built-in rectangle to a built-in circle, the line
auto-magically moves out to the edges of the rectangle and circle

Only for straight lines, unfortunately :/
The arc will still have it's anchor point at the center, disrupting shape
movements often, unless you force the arc to background.

(including arrow tips) and follows along the edges as the relative
locations of the two objects changes.  Is there a way to make the center
point of my custom shape similarly "edge aware"?



P.S.  I'm pretty sure that "edge aware center point" is not the right name
for this functionality.  If you can tell me what it's really called, I'd be
much obliged...

P.P.S.  Sorry if this is a FAQ.  I did read the project FAQ and search the
archives of this list, but I didn't find anything quite on point.

Unfortunately, it's not mentioned in FAQ, or documentation...

Andrey Repin (anrdaemon freemail ru) 01.12.2011, <03:27>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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