Re: python, UML, autorouting/layouting

At 30.10.2010 20:55, Andreas Leue wrote:

I want to create some edit dialogs to automate recurring work in UML
diagrams. I'm able to create e.g. new classes or comments and attach them to a
selected core classe with a dependency arrow.

That works, but my dependency arrow is not layouted correctly in the first
place. It is connected to the classes on both sides, so if I move these
classes a tiny bit arround the autorouting/layouting is activated and
everything looks nice. But I cannot find out how to automatically activate
that layouting. I tried all combinations of update methods I could find, but
to no avail.

Without your source it is only a guess, but doesn't
        diagram.update_connections (o)
as in do the trick?

Is this possible? Or do I have to calculate the first layout of the arrow
myself? I tried this, too, since I can get the coords of the handles, but then
I could not find a way to set coords on dependency arrows.

This should not be necessary.

Thanks in advance for any help and thanks a lot for providing dia!


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