Re: what is the difference between Send to back and Send backwards ? (and same for front)

On Sun, 25 Apr 2010 07:39:10 -0700, Cristian SecarÄ <orice secarica ro> wrote:

In Options menu there are two pairs of quite the same things:

Send to Back
Bring to Front
Send Backwards
Bring Forwards

What is the difference between the first two and the last two ?
I need to know this rather for translation, but is always good to
know ...

Send to back == Send [all the way] to back.
Send backwards == Send [one step] backwards.

How about other names for this?

Send to back, move to back, put behind everything.

Step towards back, move towards back, step to the back.

Bring to front, put/bring in front of everything.

Bring forwards, step to the front.

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