Testing Dia with libxml2 2.7.6 on Windows

Happy Halloween,

the annoying bug #570591 is around for a while:


Hans has fixed the respective part in libxml2, but there is still no "official"
libxml2 DLL that fixes the problem. As I've had some problems with a libxml DLL
that I've compiled myself several years ago, I would be happy to
receive some feedback if the new file is
causing any problems.

To test, just replace the dia/bin/libxml2.dll of your Dia installation
with the updated one from


When testing, please pay special attention to

* "Compressed Dia files" (There's a little checkbox when saving files in Dia)
* "Localized" file and folder names (i.e. "hälloween.dia")

My tests with Dia went fine - but the DLL for some reason breaks the
diashapes.exe download.



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