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Maybe we have a little bit of not native speakers working in English here? Anyway no need to get testy.

IMO, Maciej did answer question one which was a straight up legal question: the license agreement is clearest on the use of the software. It is complicated, and no person can or should try to explain it better than the GLU. Perhaps no one should even excerpt or summarize it lest the comments be construed as some sort of permission. I went and read it myself (well, part of it) out of curiosity. I don't think I would answer more that to say, "it is called "open source" by some - go read the license agreement."

I thought question two was about hiring tech support, not support for the purchase of licenses. I may have got that wrong.

Because there is no corporate entity to support the collecting of fees (and assuming that he understood this), I took Adam to be asking - Would any of us care to charge for services such as tech support to a corporation?

But I can see that his request could be about how the licensing works.

To Adam - AFAIK support for this software is simple: There are various documents for reference, and this forum. The source code is there for all to see and tweak to the extent of their ability. You can ask a friend who uses Dia. That is about it.Â

Maybe there is actually a niche offering tech support for Dia, who knows. I have never heard of it being done. That would not be part of the GLU. A person could claim expertise and sell it as tech support without any strings. Just as I could claim to be a teacher of Word or Solidworks, for instance.

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 6:53 AM, Robert PremuÅ <rpr nospam gmail com> wrote:

IMHO, Adam asked about support on purchasing licenses, not on installing Dia.

-- rpr.

2009/10/5 Maciej Jaros <egil wp pl>:
> Stalley, Adam wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can you please confirm if the 'Dia for Windows' software is free for use
>> within businesses, or if a commercial license has to be purchased?
> Hm... You could actually take a little effort to read the licence. The
> heading at very least.
>> Can you also let me know if you offer support on this?
> Yeah, sure we will install Dia on your computers, just pass the coordinates
> :-)).
> Regards,
> Nux.
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