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Hi Lars, I was going to code up URL parsing as just tagging the comma
separated lists as separate URL objects. (In fact right now I use perl
scripts that "wrap around" the dia xml to generate new xml files that do
just this for other objects which almost gives me in effect variable
properties within a property). So there will be an uniform number of
properties (that is the thing that is showing up under the dialogue box) but
a variable number of elements in a list? Would this be okay? Basically the
idea is just to have properties be string lists within a string.


On 6/30/09 10:52 AM, "Lars Ræder Clausen" <lars raeder dk> wrote:

On Fri, 2009-06-26 at 12:22 -0400, avijit ghosh wrote:
Hey Hans I just had a chat w/ our coders and they are going to meet next
Thursday to see if they take this on. If they do not, I will do this myself
in my spare time as it'll certainly be useful. I think you are absolutely
right, it would be better to put it in as a regular property for all objects
I'll take a look at prop_dict.c. My only fear with putting as a standard
property is many of my objects would have multiple links to the outside (and
ideally they may be embedded multiple links) so basically right now when I
click a particular thingy I currently have the following show up:

Below the standard dialogue box (line width and so forth)

Gene Symbols [ comma separated list of strings ]
Gene IDs [ comma separated list of integers ]
Exp Value [ comma separated list of reals ]

What I want to add is the ability to hack it so it looks like this:

Gene Symbols [ comma separated list of strings ]
Gene IDs [ comma separated list of integers ]
Exp Value [ comma separated list of reals ]
NCBI Info [ comma separated list of URLs ]
KEGG Info [ URL ]
Internal Database 1 [ comma separated list of URLs ]

I can auto fill in the what those urls actually are from the gene symbol

So there need to be more than one URL per object.. Would the standard
dialogue still let me do this or would each object only have one link?

If it is implemented on par with integers, reals, strings, colors,
arrows etc., there will be no problem in having more than one URL per
object. However, there is no support for having a variable amount of
properties (the UML objects have a lot of hacky code to make it appear
like they have that) -- which is decidedly a lack, but not trivial to

The props system allows you to assign a name to each property that must
be unique within the object, but there are many examples of the same
property type being used several times with different names (e.g. line
color and text color).


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