Re: "Gane and Sarson", "Process" object does not flip

Hello PoWah,

As the original developer for the Gane and Sarson shapes for Dia, I've had a look at your problems. Your first two problems needed a bit of work but I believe I've fixed them. I've attached a compressed file - you can extract this into /usr/share on Linux (sorry if you're on Windows!) and it'll update the shapes appropriately. I'll submit a proper patch for Dia later.

As for your last problem - that is a problem inherent in Dia - it cannot rotate text, it only rotates the shape. As the process is symmetric, rotating it will not make any difference!


Nick Moore

2009/6/12 PoWah Wong <wong_powah yahoo ca>

I use "Gane and Sarson", "Process" on Dia 0.96.1.
I click the "Flip horizontal" and then "Flip vertical" on the "Process" object but it does not flip.
How to make it flip?

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