Re: hyperlinks

On Tue, 2009-07-07 at 10:54 -0400, avijit ghosh wrote:
Hey as I am I am looking over this. I was just thinking .. Maybe the easiest
way of doing this is getting <dia:string> to understand basic markup. This
would make everything work immediately without any real customization
needed. What I mean by this is for instance if one used BBCode markup

  [url=]Life is
Rocking[/url],[url=]Life is stupid[/url]

If dia:string allowed us to do this it would be simple to get everything
else to work since URL links would simply show up automagically..

One of the reasons I made the separate edit mode was so that we could
get to use GTK text widgets instead of our own kludge of an edit system.
Then we'd get Pango text markup for free. However, it is not an
extensible markup language, it specifically only deals with typographic

If we were to do a markup, I would not use a random system like BBCode,
but rather something standard like HTML/XHTML fragments.


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