Re: Minor suggestions for Dia 0.97 pre-3

Hans Breuer wrote:
At 30.04.2009 11:11, Maciej Jaros wrote:

I'm testing new Dia on Windows and it looks nice with that integrated UI and all, but...

Yeah, isn't it nice there always is room for improvments ;)

I don't see tooltips for the toolbar (New diagram, Open diagram, Save diagram...). Is this because I use Polish version?
No, a lack of implementation in the integrated UI:
OK. Sorry missed that.

Could I perhaps offer an update for it? Should I use SVN for that or is there some www interface?

Dia as well as the rest of the GNOME repositries recently got moved to git.
The newest version of Dia is available at:

Second thing is a strange behaviour of new "Exiting Dia" window. Usually if one closes such windows one would expect "Do Not Exit" rather then "Exit Without Save" or "Save Selected" (the first is much safer).

Sorry, I don't understand. Are you proposing to change the button order?
Anyway, there was a request for suggestions some time ago:
No, no that's not what I meant. By closing a window I mean pushing [x] or pressing ALT+F4. As seems it acts just like the "Save Selected" button.


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