Re: State diagrame with code export

david wrote:
Hi, thanks for your help.
I call some templates by name because this template looks for something in the whole file (by scanning all elements). This is the only one called by name, others are called with "match", as you said in your mail.

But, i 've juste solved my problem with an other mail from the mailing list (Using the XSLT plugin)
My probleme was to integrate my xsl file in stylesheets.xml. I've followed what it was written and it works !
That's interesting... I'll have to check that out to save as MS SQL/My SQL :-).

(except that in the made file, xsl transformation has written all markup in one line, strange ...)
You could use xsl:text to get new lines and indenting eg. use <xsl:text>&#13;</xsl:text> or:


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