Re: using Dia for exporting diagrams as pdf.

On Sat, 2008-10-11 at 18:16 +0530, niket tandon wrote:
For creating diagrams, Dia [ http://www.gnome. org/projects/ dia/ ]
works wonderfully, except when trying to export a diagram as pdf. The
size of the pdf diagram comes up really small. People use this feature
when including diagrams(as pdf) in LaTeX files. 

Can someone help me. I have checked on internet, and there is already
a bug logged & claimed to be fixed, but it never works. 
[http://bugzilla. show_bug. cgi?id=353433 ]

Can anyone suggest a workaround please? I am real need of this.

I usually put it in a \resizebox{\pagewidth}{!}{...} to make it match
the size of the page, or similar.


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