Re: Autolayout plug-in

At 08.10.2008 16:50, Fred Morcos wrote:
Sorry for the very late reply, I have been finalizing my thesis and
moving back to my country. I would like to restart the discussion
about automatic layout, gearing things towards inclusion into Dia as
an offered feature.

You would prefer it as a plugin (I presume)?
If it is a plugin, where should the GUI code go (if any)?
In the plug-in. I did the necessary changes to your code some time ago, but that may be lost in some email. I have now added the plug-in to bugzilla.

Any requirements for the GUI (following a certain HIG)?
You may want to read But please keep in mind that Dia should rely only on GUI available with vanilla Gtk+ for portability easons.
How can I generate the API docs for plugins? --with-hardbooks didn't work.
There is no dedicated plug-in API documentation. Basically you can use everything available from lib/* and nothing from app/*

Any requirements about memory usage and processing? Or which one
should be prefered over the other?

As mentioned before: I prefer a clean, easy to understand implementation over any optimization.

Have fun,

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